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Your annual HOA dues pay the necessary operating expenses that keep our association running; common area maintenance, HOA management, irrigation expenses, improvements, repair reserves, etc. It is everyone’s obligation to pay their HOA dues; it is the HOA Board of Directors’ obligation to ensure consistent collection policies are implemented.

Base Assessment

This assessment that varies slightly depending upon the size of the homeowner’s lot is the assessment to cover the total budgeted common expenses.

Service Area Assessment

This is an assessment applicable to a subgroup of lots that are part of a particular Service Area. Most of the current lots in Legacy are outside of any of the three existing Service Areas. Those three Service Areas are Townhome Service Area, World Cup Neighborhood Service Area, and Legacy Lakes Service Area. Information about each can be found in the FAQ’s below.

Townhome Service Area

Townhomes are required to pay a Service Area Assessment that covers lawn care and other landscaping, exterior wall painting, roof repair and replacement.

World Cup Neighborhood Service Area

The lots in the portion of Legacy that are accessed by the private street N. World Cup and those other private streets extending from N. World Cup, are required to pay a Service Area Assessment to repair and maintain the private roads, offset sidewalks and other hard surface paths, storm drains, and landscaped portions of the common area within this neighborhood.

Legacy Lakes Service Area

Lots that front either directly or indirectly on Legacy Lake are in the “Lake Front Service Area” and are required to pay a Service Area Assessment for the purpose of controlling algae and aquatic plant life on the lake.

Special Assessment

From time to time your Association may be required to levy a Special Assessment for non-routine, unanticipated, common expenses that will usually be a one-time charge. For example, for 2014, the Association levied a Special Assessment to cover what was hopefully a one-time cost of installing aerators in the Legacy Ponds (except Lake Legacy where the Developer paid for the installation of an aerator as part of new development in Legacy).

Specific Assessment

In rare occasions where a lot owner has failed to bring their home and/or landscaping into compliance, the Association has the ability to do the work on behalf of the non-compliant owner and make a Specific Assessment against the owner of that lot to recover the Association’s costs.”


Community Charter

Community Charter – First Amendment

Community Charter – Second Amendment

Community Charter – Second Amendment (Re-Recorded)

Community Charter – Third Amendment

Community Charter – Fourth Amendment

Community Charter – Supplemental 1

Community Charter – Supplemental 2 (Add SF1)

Community Charter – Supplemental 3 (Add SF2)

Community Charter – Supplemental 4 (Add SF3)

Community Charter – Supplemental 5 (Town Home)

Community Charter – Supplemental 6 (Mosca Seca 2)

Community Charter – Supplemental 7 (Legacy Lake)

Community Charter – Supplemental 7.1 (Expanded Lake Front)

Community Charter – Supplemental 8 (Median Strip)

Community Charter – Supplemental 9 (Annex SF4)

Community Charter – Supplemental 10 (Add SF5)

Community Charter – Supplemental 11 (Pond Maintenance SF5)

Community Charter – Supplemental 12 (Lot Maintenance SF5)

Community Charter – 2nd Amendment to 11th Supplemental (Pond Front Lots)

Community Charter – Amendment to 8th Supplemental (SF6 Median Strip)

Community Charter – Supplemental 13 (Add SF6)

Community Charter – Amendment to the Bylaws (Dated 12/31/15)

Community Charter – Amendment to the Bylaws (Dated 12/14/11)

Community Charter – 2nd Amendment to 7th Supplemental (Lake Front Service Area)

Community Charter – Maintenance of Premium Median Strip Service Area

Community Charter – Termination of No. 5 Service Area

Community Charter – Termination of Pond Front Service Area

Community Charter – Supplemental 14 (Add SF7)

Community Charter – Supplemental 15 (Annexing SF8)

Community Charter – Fifth Amendment

Community Charter – Supplemental 16 (Annexing SF9)

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