Board of Director Election

2023 Legacy HOA Official Vote Count

Type of Election:                           Regular Annual Election

Number of Eligible Units:           1055

Quorum 20%:                               211

Ballots Cast:                                  288

Voided Ballots:                              0

Election of Directors

Candidate Name                         Votes                               Results

Michael Rosenberg                      138                                   Winner 

Don Nelson                                   127                                                


Election News and Schedule


The Nominating Meeting will be held on October 30th at 6:00 PM at Eagle Life Church, main auditorium.

The Annual Meeting & Election will be held November 30th at 5:00 PM at Eagle Life Church, main auditorium. Voting will take place from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM.  The Annual Meeting will commence at 6:30 PM


Eagle Life Church

3838 W Floating Feather Rd

Eagle, Idaho 83616

5:00 PM – 6:15 PM


Proxy Form


Nominating Committee Members:


Randy Levinson

Bob Hayes

Stuart Hill

Marv Hagedorn


Contact the HOA 


Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Randy Levinson:

2023 Legacy Board of Directors Candidates

Michael Rosenberg

*Vetted by the Legacy Nominating Committee

Hello Legacy Neighbors,

My name is Mike Rosenberg. As one of your Board of Director candidates I want to introduce myself and explain why I look forward to serving on our Board.

I am a retired Police Officer (25 years) from the Santa Monica Police Department. I moved to Legacy in 2021 with my wife Cathy and son Nicholas, and we have enjoyed the many amenities Legacy has to offer. I love fishing on the ponds, and as an avid golfer, volunteering as a golf marshal for the community.

I decided to volunteer for the Board position because I believe being an active participant in the governance of our community is the best way to maintain what we all as homeowners bought into, and to potentially improve the community in the future.

Legacy is not your typical neighborhood. It is like a small city, with its various amenities, complex infrastructure, and diverse homeowners. I believe the skills I have acquired over a long career as a law enforcement officer will be an asset as we evaluate the particular needs and desires within the community.

My Traits

I am process oriented, having trained many people in tactical and technological skills during my career. For over 10 years I managed more than 600 people, which included background checks and mechanical inspections. I was able to organize and streamline the process for those individuals. I oversaw and reviewed thousands of reports and documents spotting errors and legal inaccuracies. I sat on a committee which was responsible for awarding a multimillion-dollar contract to a business in the city of Santa Monica. I reviewed RFP’s (Request for Proposals) from multiple companies and was instrumental in drafting municipal laws and rules for a transition to a new franchised industry.

I have a great deal of experience with conflict resolution, which is more about listening and being rational about finding pragmatic solutions to problems that often occur.

My Deliverables

• I will be convincing rather than combative when finding and promoting solutions to our neighborhood.

• I am not a one issue candidate with preconceived ideas, but rather an open-minded candidate who will look to build consensus for the benefit of all Legacy homeowners.

• I will be open and responsive to the needs of the community, while being transparent about helping educate homeowners on actual problems and solutions. Having open dialogue with the homeowners is a must, as is responding as quickly as possible to issues that arise. To this end, I am in support of having open board meetings allowing the homeowners to voice their concerns to the board.

When my wife and I decided to move to Idaho, we narrowed the search to Eagle. When we saw Legacy, and the sense of community within the neighborhood, we knew we found home. I hope that my unique skills and talents can be used on the Board to help end the misinformation and division and help reignite that sense of community that we all saw and loved.

It was an honor to meet with the Nominating Committee last month as part of the formal HOA process for vetting candidates. I was able to meet with several wonderful neighbors as part of that process, which further reinforced why I am excited for this opportunity. Over this next month, while you are learning about your candidate options, if you have any questions, please know you can always DM me and I will get back to you.



Don Nelson


My name is Don Nelson. I’m married to my beautiful bride Debbi and we have 3 kids, 8 grand kids and 1 great grandson.

In the 80’s I started my own concrete construction company in northern Calif. which I continue to run my business from home in legacy. During which time I also acquired my life insurance license and my Capt.’s license in which my wife and I completed cruises to Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe.

We built our own home on 5 acres in a gated community with a HOA that I was involved in.

In early 2018 we did a road trip up to Eagle and viewed Legacy for the first time. Once we seen all the colorful overflowing pots, ponds, the manicured landscaping and crossed under what we call “the Norman Rockwell bridge” we were sold. We packed our bags and here we are today.

Since moving here and being Semi Retired, I have been involved with issues and changes that a large part of us have pushed for regarding our community and I am currently involved with committees within the board.

With my business back ground and my firsthand experience with this board, I believe I would be an asset to the community. Your voice should be heard.

As a voice for the community, I will seek to accomplish the following:

I think that the most important item is MORE TRANSPARENCY and how do we get there?

#1: Management company, we are too big not to have one. They would relieve a lot of                                stress and fear of hidden agendas within the community and I believe they will save us money as well, since we are already paying for these services. What will we do when the developer leaves?

2nd.: Monthly meetings on the same date every month. Example, first or second Tuesday of every month. That way we would not have to wait for the email that comes a day or two ahead of the meeting.

3rd.:   I would like to see every meeting have a 30 min. open session to address concerns of the home owners.

4th.: How about a real budget that is presented every quarter with a more detailed break down of where our money is going?

Bottom line is that I will work for you! Not my own personal agenda or the agenda of a portion of the community, but for the whole community. We are one and all of our voices should be heard.

I would be honored to have your vote.



Additional Election Information

The Legacy HOA consists of five board members, one founder member and four elected homeowners.  One seat is available during this election.

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