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Due to a postal error, the board has decided to extend voting to December 15th to ensure all Legacy Members have received official notice and been given the opportunity to vote. Voting will be open from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  Volunteers will count ballots immediately after.


Eagle Life Church

3838 W Floating Feather Rd

Eagle, Idaho 83616

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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Larry Oeffinger

Lee Croft

Jim Lamping 

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Chairman of the Election Committee and Board of Directors President, Larry Oeffinger

2022 Legacy Board of Directors Candidates

Macy M. Bratton


I started out from a small mining town in Nevada but never let my humble beginnings determine what kind of life I wanted. As a young adult I spent a year doing humanitarian work in rural areas all over Europe helping farmers, recovering addicts, orphanages, and so much more. I then went on to get my degree in computational mathematics graduating with high honors and then dedicated my career to working military aircrafts for a large aerospace company. I am the wife a Marine who served 10 years in the Marine Corps and 3 in the Army. I was honored during his time in the Army to volunteer my time to my husbands company providing support to other military wives during long training sessions and preparations for deployment. I’m currently continuing to build my aerospace career while working on my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at John’s Hopkins. 

The Legacy community has some challenges ahead and I think my experience in project management and data analysis will be useful when determining where our money will be spent. Although there is currently a lot of disagreements about how our community is being represented, I believe that through increased transparency and effective communication we can resolve these issues in such a manner that we maintain our individual freedoms while also providing a respectful atmosphere for ourselves and our neighbors. I am not conveying anything that our community doesn’t already know when I say “Legacy requires money to maintain and operate” but I do think that by getting the homeowners more involved we can continue to provide the wonderful amenities that Legacy offers while keeping costs reasonable.

Ivan Richardson

Dear Legacy Homeowner,


My name is Ivan Richardson and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for a position on the Legacy HOA Board of Directors. I’m looking forward to working with other board members and all homeowners to continue to make our Legacy Community a great place to live.


My wife and I have lived in Legacy for 2 years and we have enjoyed it here. I am retired and I try to keep busy tinkering with many things. My favorite hobbies are weight training and watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play football.


I think that 26 years’ experience managing engineering organizations in planning, designing, implementing, and operating telecommunications networks for several fortune 500 companies provides me a variety of skills. I also served 12 ½ years’ as a U.S. Marine. In addition, I have previous HOA board experience.


Like the large networking projects that I managed in telecommunications, Legacy HOA board members must know how to discuss and carry out ideas, plan / understand the budget, and listen to the membership. As I like to say, you have to plan the work and work the plan. Consequently, I know what the job requires and I’m confident that I have the experience necessary to fulfill the duties of a HOA board member.


I believe that an HOA is only as strong as the membership, and its effectiveness is found in the board’s ability to be open, transparent and seek input from homeowners.


The following are some of my 2022/2023 goals to accomplish for our community:


  1. Review/plan for the fast approaching transition from developer to homeowners.
  2. Investigate HOA Management Services and implement them if they’re found to be feasible.
  3. Serve as a staunch advocate for homeowner concerns and seek homeowner input.
  4. Appoint or engage existing committees to work with the board.
  5. Encourage more homeowner participation in board meetings by implementing things such as; sending meeting notices and meeting agendas to all homeowners, hold open forum during board meeting to allow homeowners to voice their concerns.


I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Legacy HOA Board of Directors and I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to text or call me on (714)831-7833. Thank you and remember to vote!




Ivan Richardson

Wayne Bridges

Legacy Resident since 2018.

I am currently employed by West Ada School District with the Maintenance and Custodial Department. I am the Warehouse Foreman in charge of West Ada’s Warehouse where I manage inventory, equipment, and facilitate delivery of mail and supplies to 58 School sites. I additionally oversee maintenance, service, and repair of thousands of district pieces of equipment. My specialties are communication, problem solving, strategic planning, and process execution ensuring all schools are supported to ensure our children are safe and receive the best possible education. 

I am formerly am Operations Manager working more than 30 years in both public and private sector business.  My experience is diverse with specialty in retail operations including expertise in: Facilities management, inventory, expense control, cash management, loss prevention, Human Resources, IT, team development, logistics, and special project coordination. 

In 2020 I decided to become involved in our neighborhood.  I was thankful that Legacy created a Fun Committee with the goal to plan and organize regular events.  Last year the Christmas Golf Cart Parade was cancelled.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to ride in previous parades and was compelled to make this event happen.  I also had the ambition to include our newer residents across Palmer.  With a team of support from residents, including a donated Coffee and Cocoa Bar, some Palmer lights and sirens, and with exception of golf cart mechanical failure, and some issue with my ability to follow my map, this wonderful event happened. 

Additionally, I organized the first 2 Easter Events again with help of volunteers.  All these events were fully paid for with the generosity of Legacy neighbors.  My family and I are blessed to live in Legacy.  I am happy to have met so many residents that filled my house with thousands of Easter eggs and tons of candy and toys. Every single Legacy event occurs when others step outside their home and sometimes their comfort zone and volunteer and participate in these events.      

I am running for the Legacy HOA Board to bring a fresh perspective to the table.  I will bring transparency with open and honest communication.  My service to residents will include a goal to be the best at presenting facts to ensure all residents questions are answered. All Homeowners are members of Legacy Community Association Inc., while I sit on the Board nothing will be hidden from any members. 

  • I believe in the use of resident surveys to measure satisfaction and quality of service
  • I support monthly “in person” Board Meetings, and regular Q & A Townhall meetings. The goal is that all Legacy homeowners feel like winners and are satisfied with the Board and the operational direction of Legacy. 
  • I believe in Legacy Events. Legacy is at its best when we have events.  I am thankful for leaders and volunteers that compete to make each event better than the last. 
  • I support safety and security in Legacy and want to have conversations and install plans to ensure all residents feel the safest in our subdivision.  
  • I believe in the continued path to protect exclusive Legacy amenities and make sure these perks are for residents and guests only.
  • I believe in proactive preparation for transition of Legacy from Developer Control to Homeowners. This process begins by finding a Professional HOA Management Company that is experienced and qualified to run Legacy daily operation.    
  • I believe in solving problems, at Amazon this is sometimes referred to as, “killing zombies.” This is putting an end to the repeating problems that plague us and prevent excellence.  I am skilled at deep diving problems and relentless and driven to get to the source of the issue and installing processes to prevent recurrence. 

I am qualified and prepared to serve each of you. I also thank you in advance for your vote and the opportunity to serve you on Legacy’s Board.


Rosanne Seig

                               (Candidacy Withdrawn)

Additional Election Information

The Legacy HOA consists of five board members, one founder member and four elected homeowners.  Two seats are available during this election.

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