Dear Legacy Homeowners,

As a Board, we want to address a couple instances which occurred this past weekend in our community. On Friday evening, near the soccer field, the police were dispatched due to concern of vandalism occurring on the field. A few youth were doing “donuts” and jumping a golf cart off the berm with a dozen or so spectators. Those on the golf cart fled the scene and the spectators, many of whom were wearing ski masks, were spoken to by the officers (see attached photo).

Following Friday’s event, Eagle PD increased their patrol of Legacy and on Saturday they encountered two other juveniles on motor bikes. These individuals were escorted home (to a neighboring community) and the police spoke to their parents. The Board was asked about pressing trespassing charges and opted to have the officers provide both youth and their parents a warning with the knowledge that any future instances may result in trespassing charges.

We have also been experiencing quite a bit of graffiti from someone or some group; many of you have likely noticed this throughout the neighborhood. A tagger with the moniker “COSMIC” has been tagging up Legacy (see photos below). We have spent several hours cleaning this up. If you know of anyone who is associated with this group, please reach out to detective Marlon McCown with the Eagle Police Department.

As members of the community, we share your frustration at the disrespect and damage that has been occurring, while also recognizing the vast majority of youth in our community are respectful, upstanding citizens ~ let’s not forget that. With that being said, the board recommends that if you encounter anyone causing damage that you do not confront them but rather contact the Ada County Sheriff. The officers speculate some of the minors they encountered this past weekend are hoping to bait adults into an altercation. We want you to be aware of this and know that the police department is here to support our community. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number is (208) 377-6790.

Lastly, while the new high-resolution video camera installed at Pool 2 was able to capture some of Friday evening’s situation, the officers did recommend the installation of at least two more cameras in the park area for more comprehensive coverage. The Board will take this recommendation under advisement.


Legacy Board of Directors