CC&R’s,  Community Charter, and Plat Maps

Community Charter/CC&R’s

Restated Community Charter

Restated By-Laws

Community Charter - Supplemental 1

Community Charter - Supplemental 2 (Add SF1)

Community Charter - Supplemental 3 (Add SF2)

Community Charter - Supplemental 4 (Add SF3)

Community Charter - Supplemental 5 (Town Home)

Community Charter - Supplemental 6 (Mosca Seca 2)

Community Charter - Supplemental 7 (Legacy Lake)

Community Charter - Supplemental 7.1 (Expanded Lake Front)

Community Charter - Supplemental 8 (Median Strip)

Community Charter - Supplemental 9 (Annex SF4)

Community Charter - Supplemental 10 (Add SF5)

Community Charter - Supplemental 11 (Pond Maintenance SF5)

Community Charter - Supplemental 12 (Lot Maintenance SF5)

Community Charter – Amendment to Eleventh Supplement (SF5 Service Area)

Community Charter – Amendment to Twelfth Supplement

Lake Buffer Lot Easement Agreement Modification (SF4)

Community Charter – Second Amendment to the Eleventh Supplement (Annexing SF6)

Community Charter – Amendment to Eighth Supplement (SF6 median strips)

Community Charter – Thirteenth Supplement (Annexing SF6)

Community Charter – Second Amendment to Seventh Supplement (Lake Front Service Area)

Community Charter – Fourth Amendment (Service Area Fees)

Termination of Pond Front Service Area

Termination of SF5 Service Area

Maintenance of Premium Median Strip Service Area

Joint Maintenance of Median Strip Service Area (Parkways)

Community Charter – Fourteenth Supplement (Annexing SF7)

Amended - Restarted Joint Maintenance of Median Strips (Parkways)

Community Charter – Fifteenth Supplement (Annexing SF8)

Pond Lot Easement Agreement (SF5)

Pond Lot Easement Addendum (SF5)

Community Charter – Addendum to Fifteenth Supplement (SF8 Median Strips) 2017-037071

Reconciliation of Charters

Community Charter – Sixteenth Amendment (Annexing SF9)

Community Charter – Addendum to Sixteenth Supplement (SF9 Median Strips)

Community Charter – Seventeenth Supplement (Annexing SR1)

Community Charter – Eighteenth Supplement (Annexing SF10)

Community Charter – Nineteenth Supplement (Annexing SR2)

Community Charter – Nineteenth Supplement (Re-Recorded)

Community Charter – Twentieth Supplement (Annexing SF11)

Community Charter – Twenty-First Supplement (Annexing SF12)

Community Charter – Twenty-Second Supplement (Annexing SV1)

Community Charter – Amendment to Fifth Supplement (Townhome Service Area)

Community Charter – Twenty-Third Supplement (Annexing SV2)

Community Charter – Second Amendment to Fifth Supplement (Townhome Service Area)

Community Charter – Twenty-Fourth Supplement (Annexing SR3)

Community Charter – Twenty-Fifth Supplement (Annexing SF13)

Community Charter – Twenty-Sixth Supplement (Annexing SF14)

Community Charter – Twenty-Seventh Supplement (Annexing SR4)





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Check whether you are a:

When is irrigation water turned on and turned off?
  • Typically, irrigation is set between April 15 – October 15. 
  • The Developer/HOA may have irrigation turned on outside those dates for repairs or maintenance.
  • The weather in Eagle can drop below freezing.  Protect your irrigation system by having a professional landscape company blow out your sprinkler lines.
What are the parking rules at Legacy?
  • No parking any vehicles on public or private streets or thoroughfares.
  • Only “primary vehicles” may be parked in the driveway overnight. (Primary vehicles are often referred to as your daily driver).
  • No “storing” of ANY vehicles in driveways or on streets.
  • Enclosed garages MUST be used for: Commercial vehicles, equipment, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, golf carts, boats, and other water craft, trailers, stored vehicles, project vehicles, and inoperable vehicles.
  • Exempt: Visiting guests may use street parking for reasonable/short time use only.
  • Exempt: Delivery, construction, and service vehicles may use street parking during normal business hours for such period of time as is reasonably necessary to provide service or make a delivery.
  • Exempt: RV/Boats and other recreational vehicle trailers are allowed a SHORT loading and unloading time.  Otherwise they MUST be stored in a garage or offsite.
  • Click to see Legacy Parking Policy
How do I get an HOA approval to make changes to my property?
  • Examples include: Fence, shed, pergolas, pools, hot-tub, play structures, flag poles, new landscaping, structural changes, additions, paint, pools, trash bin concealment, etc…
  • ANY AND ALL changes to your property that are visible from any common area or neighboring home MUST be approved by the HOA per our CCR and design review guidelines.
  • Please refer to the Design Review guidelines under the Property Enhancements tile within the homeowner portal, follow the process, and get an approval before you begin your project.
I have a pet. Any rules I should be aware of?
  • Cats and dogs should be kept on a leash when outside the home.
  • Cats and dogs are NOT allowed on the golf course.
  • No more than 3 pets per household.
  • No farm animals or livestock
  • You MUST clean up after your dog. There are doggy stations throughout Legacy, but please carry your own poop bags too, and dispose of it in a trash bin.
When is garbage pickup?
  • Please check with Republic Services for your specific garbage scheduling.
  • Trash bins cannot be left on the street over 24hours.
Where do I store my trash bins?
  • Typically, bins are placed in the garage.
  • Trash bins cannot be left outside without an approved barrier that conceals the trash bin from all sides.
  • If you are considering placing a bin outside, you MUST have an HOA approved barrier added to your property (at your cost) that conceals the trash bin from all sides, please referred to Property Enhancements and follow the Design Review process.
Where do I keep my garden tools and mower?
  • Garden tools and mowers must be kept out of sight. Typically, these items are placed in the garage.
When do I pay my HOA dues?
Can I be fined for violating the community charter rules?
  • Yes, however you will be notified of the violation and asked to resolve the issue prior to being fined.
Where do I locate all the rules and policies within Legacy?

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Get Out & Play!

Legacy Community Association, Inc.

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© 2012-2022 Legacy Community Association, Inc.

All rights reserved.

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